2022 Continued

After breaking my hand end of December, it really set me back on my Surgery recovery but now I am back on it! Rode my Bike 10 Miles, Hiked up a mountain, then climbed another. I still can’t lift a lot but doing exercises religiously!

At Home on the Sundeck
Very Steep climb 1200 feet, set my backpack down and enjoyed the sunshine, Feb 16, 2022
Today cleaning the kitchen after making a huge mess last night (I Love to Cook)

Published by naturich58

Love To Travel, been over much of the earth but there's still a lot I haven't seen! I need to go! I've been a Naturist & Nudist since childhood. I enjoy going to Naturist Resorts and Beaches throughout the earth. I enjoy being alone or with just a few friends in remote locales, especially out in the sun! I am not looking for anything other than friends who are as open minded as I am. I have very few Taboo and consider myself Sapio Sexual. Been a Nudist and will always be one, people who are not nudists really are not quite as likely to be kindred spirits with me. Politically I am active - A Progressive, Liberal Independent. My General Rule is be Kind to People, Plants Animals and the Earth whenever possible...Embrace Common Sense and Verifiable Truth!

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