2022, start of recovery?

So 2022 is here, I am still out of work since September 8 2021, trying hard to get back to work. Sunlife is my STD/LTD Insurance “Provider”. It’s like self-dentistry to get them to actually PAY the Claim. First week of January my Surgeon sent a note that I am allowed to return to work with light duty restrictions, no heavy Lifting yet or working on ladders etc. My employer rejected it saying that I could not return to work until there are Zero Restrictions. I am not really sure that will ever happen but I work out every day to get to that point. There are a few good things about having time off and I hoped to get a lot of home projects accomplished. Unfortunately I fell and broke my hand and a finger, next night I slipped on icy wet deck and badly strained my R Knee. Now as I write this it is January 20 and I am healing up those minor setbacks. I hope to make up time and get busy s my hand gets more useful. I will update again soon, “Just for fun”.

Enjoying the Snow Naked as I usually do!
Day after spraining my knee, 2 days after breaking my hand…getting better now!

Published by naturich58

Love To Travel, been over much of the earth but there's still a lot I haven't seen! I need to go! I've been a Naturist & Nudist since childhood. I enjoy going to Naturist Resorts and Beaches throughout the earth. I enjoy being alone or with just a few friends in remote locales, especially out in the sun! I am not looking for anything other than friends who are as open minded as I am. I have very few Taboo and consider myself Sapio Sexual. Been a Nudist and will always be one, people who are not nudists really are not quite as likely to be kindred spirits with me. Politically I am active - A Progressive, Liberal Independent. My General Rule is be Kind to People, Plants Animals and the Earth whenever possible...Embrace Common Sense and Verifiable Truth!

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