Like Most Humans, I say 2021 was one of the worst in so many ways but there were some great things that happened along the way. My spinal stenosis got much worse and some injuries added to it. It made workdays always painful and sometimes just walking a short distance, I’d lose feeling in my legs and fall the hell down.

Took free time to completely rip out front and side walls of my house, rid of moldy rotten wood, steel posts inside the walls then all new drywall and trim work.

Having already been fully vaccinated vs Covid, Got Visa to go to Turks and Caicos. Flights on A320 EOW Had 48 people on them each way, customs at both ends was easiest ever. Masks were required in airport and on flights, a very small price for a getaway. Restaurants were pickup or take out only island-wide. Flew into Providenciales, rental car to Callaloo Cottage on Grace Bay at Turtle Cove. Was such an awesome villa for a max of 2 people right on the beach, private pool, no need for any clothing except when on that beach. Once in the water I swam naked a lot. Took 2 days to drive out to Bonefish beach to roam naked all day, had great food, massage right in my Villa, even grilled out my own food from the Graceway IGA Grocery store. Was a spectacular week in February, 84 degrees F every day, a great break.

Had a nice Birthday Memorial day with friends in the garden, then to California for the twice delayed Wedding of my daughter. Was great to see so many old friends, and to see them finally have their day! Things went well, flights long but smooth.

Spinal Issues came to a head early September, booted from work because my back problems were seen as a liability….rightly so. Had already scheduled trip to Hilton Head with great friends. Had a great week despite the back pain.

Typical problems chasing down payments on Short, then long term disability. Had Major Surgery Oct 15, once out to the recovery room in Med/Surg, that’s when I found out that morphine does nothing for me. Experienced the worst pain of my life before they figured it out and changed pain meds in my IV drips.

A Few weeks of home confinement on a walker, eventually allowed to go outside, then drive. Got Sutures out Nov 15 and flew to recover in St Maarten later that week. Had to USE or LOSE the Vacations that were Covid Cancelled last year. Stayed at Residence Adam and Eve with Titi and Vivi, sailed naked around the islands with Captain Alan and first Mate Caroline….3 other couples, 2 from France and one from Netherlands, all fantastic people and of course, Nudists like us. The only time anyne had clothes on during the sailing was when 2 of the ladies went below and came out dressed like Pirates! At one point they teamed up to use one’s Hook Hand to hold up my dick and balls while the other used her sword to cut them off! I was laughing so hard, told them that they didn’t need all that hardware, nail clippers would do the job. On occasions we dropped anchor and most everyone went snorkeling. Due to the boarding Ladder, I had to just have a few Rum Punches and watch them go, my back wasn’t strong enough for a ladder.

Published by naturich58

Love To Travel, been over much of the earth but there's still a lot I haven't seen! I need to go! I've been a Naturist & Nudist since childhood. I enjoy going to Naturist Resorts and Beaches throughout the earth. I enjoy being alone or with just a few friends in remote locales, especially out in the sun! I am not looking for anything other than friends who are as open minded as I am. I have very few Taboo and consider myself Sapio Sexual. Been a Nudist and will always be one, people who are not nudists really are not quite as likely to be kindred spirits with me. Politically I am active - A Progressive, Liberal Independent. My General Rule is be Kind to People, Plants Animals and the Earth whenever possible...Embrace Common Sense and Verifiable Truth!

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