It has been insane watching people deny that Covid is real, then when their own Family Members are Stricken…continue to deny it with a tube down their throats. What the Fuck Happened to Americans? It Seems that a third of the USA Believes in crazy Shit that has been proven to be FALSE and they’re willing to fight for their misguided views. This Bullshit is Evident in every place I look here in Northeast Tennessee. This Trump View has validated insanity as mainstream and twisted people’s minds. Then to attempt Sedition and real Treason, killing Police Officers and storming the Capitols of the country and of States, then tell the rest of America they need to just move on. Fuck those Coup Clux Clan Idiots in their Dick Scarred Asses, I will never seek to normalize their Behavior OR Beliefs. It’s NOT what our Constitution calls for and is Not even what their Own Scriptures tell them.

Now I look forward to Valentines Day, if I can keep from getting Covid then I have reservations to Fly to Turks and Caicos, escape the Winter with my Kimberly and go relax in the warm sun.

I ALSO look forward to the Summer when hopefully, a majority of Americans will have had the Vaccines. Music Festivals Return, Arts in the Parks, packed Sports and fun Live Entertainment Venues return. We lost a Lot of these Venues Permanently, some of my Favorite Restaurants are Gone. I just hope there are people ready to Step in and re-open better than before.

Be Safe, Have Fun, Get Naked in the Sun!

Celebrating the END of 2020 in the Hot Tub and the Fact that I am Still Covid Free

Published by naturich58

Love To Travel, been over much of the earth but there's still a lot I haven't seen! I need to go! I've been a Naturist & Nudist since childhood. I enjoy going to Naturist Resorts and Beaches throughout the earth. I enjoy being alone or with just a few friends in remote locales, especially out in the sun! I am not looking for anything other than friends who are as open minded as I am. I have very few Taboo and consider myself Sapio Sexual. Been a Nudist and will always be one, people who are not nudists really are not quite as likely to be kindred spirits with me. Politically I am active - A Progressive, Liberal Independent. My General Rule is be Kind to People, Plants Animals and the Earth whenever possible...Embrace Common Sense and Verifiable Truth!

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