Gawd what a Fuktup Year! I had 2 major vacations cancelled. In May I WAS supposed to be enjoying Residence Adam & Eve at Orient Bay…on Nude Beaches and Nude Sailing around the Island following a week at Rendezvous Bay on Anguilla. Didn’t happen. Lucy and I went to Isle of Pals for a week and had a nice time away from work, then I went in Late September to Hilton Head for timeshare week and it was glorious as always…so I shouldn’t complain. Daughter’s wedding in December in California was also postponed till 2021. I am thankful to be healthy as I write this, 12/21/2020 and vaccinations are starting up, so I have some hope for 2021. If all goes well I SHOULD be at Callaloo Cottage in Turks and Caicos in mid/late February.

Some of the photos from this year, me at the Hot Tub last New Years Day, unaware of what was to come, celebrating alone, hoping for a better New Year (It wasn’t). Spent a lot of time Paddling and Hiking by myself, nude mostly and thankful we have the Cherokee National Forest all around. Happy to be living just east of Johnson City, Tennessee. The beautiful rivers and awesome mountain lakes are true Jewells, makes for ease of Social Distancing. ETSU Basketball went 30-4 and won the Southern Conference, sure to be a single digit seed in the Big Dance but it too was cancelled.

SO I made the most of a bad situation, went to some drive in concerts, worked on the Farm and at home a lot in my workshop. There’s always work to do at both places, I tore out 2 exterior walls of the house and rebuilt them on the inside of the Siding, some new studs, headers and footers from old water damage and black mold. Did a lot of Fence Work on the Farm and have plenty more to keep me busy.


It has been insane watching people deny that Covid is real, then when their own Family Members are Stricken…continue to deny it with a tube down their throats. What the Fuck Happened to Americans? It Seems that a third of the USA Believes in crazy Shit that has been proven to be FALSE and they’re willing to fight for their misguided views. This Bullshit is Evident in every place I look here in Northeast Tennessee. This Trump View has validated insanity as mainstream and twisted people’s minds. Then to attempt Sedition and real Treason, killing Police Officers and storming the Capitols of the country and of States, then tell the rest of America they need to just move on. Fuck those Coup Clux Clan Idiots in their Dick Scarred Asses, I will never seek to normalize their Behavior OR Beliefs. It’s NOT what our Constitution calls for and is Not even what their Own Scriptures tell them.

Now I look forward to Valentines Day, if I can keep from getting Covid then I have reservations to Fly to Turks and Caicos, escape the Winter with my Kimberly and go relax in the warm sun.

I ALSO look forward to the Summer when hopefully, a majority of Americans will have had the Vaccines. Music Festivals Return, Arts in the Parks, packed Sports and fun Live Entertainment Venues return. We lost a Lot of these Venues Permanently, some of my Favorite Restaurants are Gone. I just hope there are people ready to Step in and re-open better than before.

Be Safe, Have Fun, Get Naked in the Sun!

Celebrating the END of 2020 in the Hot Tub and the Fact that I am Still Covid Free

Introduction: Hello Folks, this is a personal site with past, present and future Adventures of an Appalachian Nudist. As time passes I have reached 60 years old. I still love to kayal and hike these beautiful mountains I call Home, Just East of Johnson City, TN. I love to travel and have a lot of Friends all over who also enjoy being naked whenever possible! Come say hello, Enjoy! – Rich